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(1) To educate the students to be familiar with their home town, love their native country Japan, and play an active part in the world.
(2) School Motto
Learn from nature.
Learn from culture.
Learn from self-search.


The design consists of three parts:Chinese characters in black,two wings, and a lamplight in the center.
The Chinese characters represent "天白" tempaku in 天白高等学校 Tempaku High School.
The two wings and designed Chinese character "天" represents figure of a white heron which has just flown into the sky from the image of the hill, which is designed from the Chinese character "白".
The lamplight in the center symbolizes development.

The fringed orchis(Sagisou;"sagi" means a white heron and "sou" means flower.)
This flower, which used to grow in the marshland around
here,blooms while in summer.


Aichi Prefectural Board of Education.


Students 1,115(Boys 587,Girls 528)
Full-time Teachers 60
Part-time Teachers 13
Laboratory Assistants 2
Office Clerks 7


(1) To strive to make our school education active by putting the aim on making our school the one with distinctive features.
(2) To help the students develop their personalities to the fullest extent through refined lessons which help them master the fundamental skills.
(3) To enrich and develop our school education to deal with internationalization, pro motion of the appreciation of the histories, cultures, and traditions of other countries as well as Japan.
(4) To help to improve the students' English communication ability and to raise their consciousness about internationalization.
(5) To help the students have interests in the care and the maintenance of their health so that they may cultivate the foundation to lead a healthy, well-balanced life.
(6) To help the students have a good attitude to improve themselves and their minds and to develop the students' abilities to keep up with the trend of the times.
(7) To let the students establish fundamental habits which will be needed as a member of the society in the future.
(8) To strive to bring up the students to respect rules in a corporate life.


1977 Apr. 1 Aichi PrefecturalTempaku Senior High School was established.
Mr.Ikawa was appointed 1st principal.
1978 Jul. 10 Gymnasium was completed.
1979 Feb. 26 Center Building & North Building were completed.
1979 Jun. 29 Swimming Pool was completed.
1983 Apr. 1 Mr.Mitani was appointed 2nd principal.
1986 Apr. 1 Mr.Sugita was appointed 3rd principal.
1986 Oct. 18 The ceremony of the 10th anniversary was held.
1989 Apr. 1 Mr.Kanaya was appointed 4th principal.
1993 Apr. 1 Mr.Okamoto was appointed 5th principal.
1996 Apr. 1 Mr.Ishii was appointed 6th principal.
1996 Nov. 2 The ceremony of the 20th anniversary was held.
2000 Apr. 1 Mr.Suzuki was appointed 7th principal.
2003 Apr. 1 Mr.Terasawa was appointed 8th principal.
2006 Nov. 10 The ceremony of the 30th anniversary was held.
2008 Apr. 1 Mr.Morita was appointed 9th principal.
2011 Apr. 1 Mr.Yamazaki was appointed 10th principal.
2013 Apr. 1 Mr.Miyazawa was appointed 11th principal.
2016 Oct. 26 The ceremony of the 40th anniversary was held.
2017 Apr. 1 Mrs.Sugiura was appointed 12th principal.